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No Fuss Support Calculations: Child and spousal support pursuant to the Child Support Guidelines and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG), respectively, are easily calculated in minutes.
Additional Capabilities: In addition to support, Tools One calculates net disposable income, s.7 expense apportioning, grossing up of non-taxable income, support in all custody arrangements (sole, shared, split, mixed), standard of living test in undue hardship cases, Schedule III adjustments under CSG, net present (ie. lump sum) values, restructuring under SSAG, life insurance needs, and more!
Intuitive Printout: A concise, easy-to-understand one page printout of the relevant information makes reviewing and comparing calculations simple.
Easy-to-Use Input: Input screens are simple, intuitive and include extensive on-screen help. Plus, the printout is built from the input screen, so what you see is what you print! Information need only be input once and it automatically flows through all calculations.
Useful “Search” Engine: Type in the item you are looking for and our search engine will quickly locate that particular item.
Updated “Help” Section: Relevant and useful information is included for every input item to provide clarification and minimize input errors.
Simplified Emailing: One click and your calculation is converted to pdf - ready to attach and email.
Flexible: Complicated scenarios can be handled with the use of overrides and additional options. Any input overrides or significant changes will be expressly noted on the printout to alert the reader.